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We are taking in drivers with proper training, experience, and a clear background to work with us at Grewal Corporation. Anyone with the right set of paperwork and a clean profile is welcome. The person should be well acquainted with the streets in and around Kolkata, the traffic rules here and the safety regulations to ensure passenger safety. He should be a responsible, efficient and amiable person who can join a conversation instantly when asked. Furthermore, he should also be sincere enough to not break traffic rules and put his/her passengers’ life in jeopardy. And, of course, the person should be comfortable working for long hours even into the night.

These apart, the following points clearly sums up what we are looking for in a probable candidate for our car rental company:

 * He should be aware of the basic car maintenance techniques

 * He should be supportive enough to help customers load their luggage on and off the cars

 * He should be sincere enough to collect the fares after the ride in the most polite tone and give receipts if asked for

 * He should be able to keep a note of the collections received and the kilometers traveled

 * He should be responsible enough to check the brakes, lights, and horn before taking the car out and return it in the same condition

 * Last but not the least, he should keep the car interiors clean always

Also, anyone seeking jobs in Public relations, Back office/ Front office, Administration, Accounts or Sales may also try their luck with us, the leading car rental service in Kolkata.

We are one of the leading car hire agencies in Kolkata, ready to give your career a lift

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